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Tianeptine (Sodium Salt) - 98%+ Pure (We have one more bulk order on the way when this runs out)

Tianeptine (Sodium Salt) - 98%+ Pure (We have one more bulk order on the way when this runs out)

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Na-Tianeptine (Sodium Salt) is approved for use in Europe and much of the world. This is the fastest acting form of tianeptine and the form with the longest history of use...by far. It is easily one of my personal favorite supplements, and many others agree. Look at all the vendors that offer some form of this product. Not too long ago we were alone in doing this.

Really, the only downside of this form of tianeptine is that it absorbs moisture from the air readily if the package is left unsealed. To prevent this from happening, just reseal the bag after each use. We enclose a desiccant pack in every order to adsorb any moisture that enters the bag during use.

If you purchase from any other vendor and the powder has a yellow tint, immediately throw this out. This is a degraded product. Likewise, if you store our product in a hot or damp area, it will degrade much faster than if stored in a cool, dry place like a medicine cabinet or even a sock drawer.

Despite years of safe use here in the US and many decades of safe use overseas, there has been one reported death in the US due to ingestion of this compound. Far too much was ingested and was taken on top of alcohol in what appears to have been a sucessful suicide. Despite this objective tragedy, the risk must be put in perspective. Each year it is estimated that 16,000 deaths occur directly from taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatories just for arthritis and just in the US*




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    98%+ Pure Tianeptine (Sodium Salt) Powder



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