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C-60 Buckeyballs in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (C60 EVOO)

C-60 Buckeyballs in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (C60 EVOO)

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We produce this product in total darkness and mix in biological grade C-60 under an inert atmosphere for 2 weeks. We use only fresh High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At that point the each batch is filtered through a sterile 0.2 micron filter.

We produce this product periodically based on demand. Please let us know if you are interested.

Should you decide to buy this product elsewhere.please make sure they follow the same procedure and most certainly only buy this if it's made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and not some other oil such as sunflower or coconut oil. These oils have not been researched when mixed with C-60 and any claims made by sellers are purely speculative no matter what they may claim.


Ingredient List

  • 98% C-60 Buckeyballs
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil