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Why is this site here when there are already other similar sites out there?

We've been doing this, or something related, for well over a decade. We introduced many herbal products to the U.S. We really pushed Berberine, which is finally starting to catch on. We offered the public USP Grade Methylene Blue when others were, and continue offering lower grade products. I really could go on, but the point is that we offer the highest grade products out there, and while some other vendors may also offer some of these, none do it as a matter of policy. If you doubt us, just watch other sites begin to clone our policies and products as they have in the past.

We also minimize packaging to be able to offer you the lowest prices without compromising quality. Packaging is often the main cost of a retail product. We will try to beat the pricing of any legitimate vendor offering a product of a similar grade. Perhaps the most important thing we do is to offer you the latest discoveries that aren't fads or simply hype. Look around our growing site, and if we're missing something you feel is revolutionary that isn't plastered all over the internet, please let us know. We offer custom orders, and will synthesize or contract with a qualified lab to synthesize legal new and novel compounds. We have a full-time staff member whose primary task is to watch for new compounds and pioneering research published in peer reviewed journals. While we do have to make a profit, we are overwhelmingly driven by the scientific revolution that's occurring right now. Maybe that's what you are looking for; maybe it's not.

That is what we do, and that is why we are here.