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Delosperma bosseranum Seeds (Approximately 100 Seeds)

Delosperma bosseranum Seeds (Approximately 100 Seeds)

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This is the seed listing to compliment the live plant listing which only ships within the U.S. (If you really want a live plant and live overseas, just email us and we'll try to work out something if you're willing to accept the loss if your country's customs seizes the plant).

These extremely small seeds readily germinate, typically with a 80% success rate, in about 2 weeks if kept warm, and the soil moist. Water carefully so as not to disturb the growing plantlets until they are strong and large enough to stand up to direct watering. I use an old plastic juice bottle with many needle holes poked on the cap to gently water these plants from above. Though small, these plants seem to want to live and love strong natural or artificial lighting. I used LED plant lights with great success and kept the light a lot closer than I would normally do for other plants.

Once established, these plants can take extreme heat as well as occasional light freezes in the winter.They do very well in gallon pots with a good, well draining potting soil. I use Miracle Gro potting soil.

I suppose that this seed offering, as well as the separate plant listing, is a bit of a challenge to those with a green thumb, especially if you live in an area with a lot of heat in the summer. This may be key to the plant producing the unknown "Happiness" compounds.

Here's a synopsis from

":I was bringing in my cold intolerant plants inside from by back porch for the winter.

As I did this, I'd prune back some of the plants before I bought them in.

If the plant was toxic, I'd just toss the pruned vegetation off to the side. If the plant wasn't overtly toxic, I'd pop a little in my mouth to taste it.

No real issues doing that.

About two hours after eating a few inches of the plant, I walked outside. It was sunny and fairly warm and when the sun hit my face, it felt awesome. When the breeze hit my body, it was refreshing, and overall it was just great to be alive in that moment. In fact the entire remainder of the day was great. The next day was well above average.

The thing is, that's not me. That's my experience, but that's just not my life, even sporadically, even in whispers.

I suffer from on and off from major depression, and on my best days I feel like the world exists only in various shades of gray.

Needless to say I retraced my plant eating binge, and there was really only one plant I had eaten that was an unknown, and so I waited a few days and tried some more. Sure enough in about two hours the world was full of color,and the universe embraced me in its arms. There was no feeling of being drugged or stoned. It just felt like me, but seeing the world like a 4 year old - with novelty.

I could still work out a calculus integral, ride my bike, and carry on coherent and lucid conversations. There was no feeling of some drug coming on, and absolutely no payback after the two days of relief from my depression was over. It was a totally transparent experience. No depressive crash after this was over. It was like being lifted out of depression on angel wings, and just as gently dropped off back in my normal state of being two days later.

In the end, after three experiences, I had to make a choice of eating my last remaining plant, or taking cuttings and planting seeds from the plant while my life remained less than ideal. I chose the latter and propagated the plant. It takes maybe six months to a year for the plant to grow from seed to a harvestable size.

I mentioning this so that maybe someone else has tried this plant. I'm mentioning this so that you can start your own plants. These plants are related to Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), and so naturally I tried Kanna after I had run out of plant material from my Delosperma bosseranum. The Kanna was short acting, created anxiety and far too much stimulation for me when it was coming on. There was a mood boost in the end, but it didn't last nearly as long, and was of a totally different flavor."

"Last thing....
If you taste the plants, just a small part of a leaf, and it tastes like bland iceberg lettuce, it will not be active. If the taste is salty and sour, then it's likely active.
You can transition them by increasing the light and warmth and letting the soil dry out between waterings. They seem to require this stress."

So there you have it. Sometimes when I've tried the plant, a couple of inches of a leafy plant stem, a gray day amazingly turns into a near perfect day. Other times the plant seemed to cause a degree of anxiety,a mild headache and nothing beneficial. I don't know why the effects on the same plant can change so dramatically. I suspect that what is required is a lot of summer heat and maybe sun. It gets up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (~49 degrees C) here in the summer.

This plant ships only within the U.S. Overseas purchasers should buy the seeds. The germination rate is very high, usually within 2 weeks if kept warm, and the plants typically do really well with a minimal amount of care. The more light the better. They do very well under plant LED grow lights kept much closer to the plants than usual. Water new sprouts gently with tap water from a spray bottle until they begin to form their first true leaves. They flower abundantly and produce thousands of seeds per season. They are self pollinating.

So if you're up for a challenge, here it is. It's a surprisingly easy plant to grow in a gallon pot filled with Miracle Gro potting soil or some other good quality commercial potting soil. So even if you don't have a green thumb, and want to give this one a try, by all means go for it.

What's an unknown for now, is how to "activate" the plant for consistent production of happiness. I'm working diligently on this issue, and as I discover more I will post the new observations here and send out emailings (Subscribe to our email list on the bottom of our front page).